Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Die in Dieting

Dieting and Detoxing doesn't work! 

Every single year a new fad diet or detox emerges and is rabidly embraced by millions only to be abandoned with great disappointment a few months later.

Every New Years, like clock-work, well-intentioned folks jump on the latest bandwagon desperately looking for an answer to their declining health and inflating waistlines. Their hopes are soon dashed, leaving them more depressed and disheartened than before.

You probably already know the definition insanity..."doing the same thing and expecting different results". Diets and detoxes are never the answer and will not work for very long. They are ultimately about depriving the body and are by definition unsustainable.

Self Health on the other hand is not a diet or detox. It is about feeding the body more wonderful foods and plant nutrients than it has ever seen before.

It is about giving your body the most nutrient-dense foods imaginable, then stepping back and watching this miracle machine do its magic. This is ultimately what the body was designed to do–heal itself!

So this new year, 2013, decide to step off the treacherous treadmill and the never-ending roller coaster ride of crazy diets and detoxes.

Read the Self Health Revolution, take the 10-Day Challenge, join the thousands of people who are discovering how to take control of their own Self Health.

Freeing yourself from fad diets and detoxes is much easier and simple than you might think. Join the Revolution Now!

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